Southern Manitoba will experience a couple of days of hazy conditions, followed by unseasonably cool weather.

Sara Hoffman with Environment Canada says the haze you are noticing in the sky today is the result of wildfires in California, Oregon, and Washington. She notes winds from the southwest over the weekend pushed that smoke into Manitoba.

But, Hoffman says the haze will be short-lived. A cold front is expected to swing through the prairies on Tuesday, arriving in Manitoba late in the day. She explains that behind that cold front is a ridge of Arctic air that will push the smoke out of the province. It will also usher in some cooler than normal weather.

If you still have tomato plants in the garden, you may want to cover them Wednesday night and Thursday night when lows are expected to reach zero degrees and -2 respectively. With winds from the north those two days, Hoffman says there will not be any smoke blowing into the region during the middle portion of this week. But, the hazy sky could return for the weekend.

Hoffman says the smoke is aloft; it is not at the surface but rather high in the atmosphere. As a result, she notes it should not pose a challenge for those with allergies or breathing problems. However, she cautions those with cardiovascular issues or pre-existing lung conditions to be extra careful Tuesday evening, as the cold front could push some of the smoke down to the surface.