Many people can recall the exact moment their lives changed forever. The horrific accident. The miscarriage. The day someone walked out. Jenny and Evan Owens, the founders of REBOOT recovery, say what happened was wrong, and it hurt, but it does not have to define their lives forever.

"There is a way to overcome trauma and embrace a brighter future." 

Over the last decade, Evan and Jenny Owens have helped thousands of people overcome trials, tragedies, and traumas of their past. 

“Trauma doesn’t discriminate. It can touch our lives at any age, stage, or place,” write the Owens. “Either we deal with our trauma, or our trauma will deal with us.”

"Healing doesn't necessarily equal the removal of symptoms always," Jenny explains. " It is allowing your scars to tell a story of all that you've overcome and all that God has done in your life." 

Jenny and Evan say that one of the biggest things that people struggle with when learning to overcome trauma is guilt and shame. 

"We call them the triplets. The triplets are a pack that likes to run together. It includes guilt, shame and regret," Evan explains. " We challenge people to put their guilt on trial and to  look at the facts of the case and be able to diagnose or dissect the accusations against them."

In their new book, Healing What’s Hidden: Practical Steps to Overcoming Trauma, Evan and Jenny Owens offer practical, step-by-step processes to help readers acknowledge their trauma, heal their invisible wounds, and reclaim their future so they can live beyond the anxiety, depression, and shame that trauma leaves behind.

Today on Connections, Jenny and Evan share practical steps to overcoming trauma.