Two different Christian organizations showed up and generously helped a man from Southern Manitoba after his house flooded, most likely beyond repair. 

At the beginning of June, in less than 24 hours, Dwayne Tesarski's home in Lonesand, Man. was completely flooded, leaving him to stay elsewhere. 

The first group to help Tesarski out was Christian Faith Ministries, run by Conroy Plett from Winkler. 

"I'm not used to that. They're the ones that gutted half of my house. There was one evening 6-7 guys came and worked until it was dark."

When Tesarski received a note on his door, he thought it might be a scam. However, when people showed up to help him, he knew it wasn't. 

The second group to help him out was Mennonite Disaster Relief. 

"The head chairman came down to my place. They took pictures and said, 'your house is so bad we may need a structural engineer in here.'"

Members from the Mennonite Disaster Relief came down recently to help with yard cleanup. 

On a recent Saturday, friends, family, and other local people also came to Tesarski's yard to help. There were approximately 40 people helping him clean up the place. 

"It was amazing. There was a tiny army there," says Tesarski. "A big shout to Little Caesars in Steinbach for graciously donating pizza for lunch."

At this point, there is no word on where he will live. The early estimated amount of damage is $80,000 and his total insurance payout was $25,000.

Flooding damages to Dwayne Tesarski's home in Lonesand, Manitoba.Flooding destroyed the inside and outside of Tesarski's place. (Supplied)