A long-time former DJ was serving and protecting listeners long before he answered the call of becoming a police officer. 

Paul Dibra worked at CHVN as a DJ for roughly seven years before becoming a cop.

Picking up the phone while working on-air back in the day, Dibra remembers how it turned into a life-changing call.

"I remember there was a young lady who wanted to commit suicide. She called in to the show after listening to some Natalie Grant."

Dibra spent a long time on the phone with the woman. 

"I put her in touch with some good people who could help her and she kept updating me. She went from being drug-addicted and on the verge of wanting to end her life to rededicating her life to Christ, getting involved in a church, and getting the help that she needed."

When he first started, Dibra recorded a few shows a week while he was in broadcasting college.

"That moved to weekends and eventually I took over the drive home show."

To Dibra, speaking over the airwaves brought great meaning.

"When you're speaking into the microphone, you're touching people's lives."

Another memory Dibra recalls is when a dying listener requested his presence.

"There are so many amazing memories but there's one that stays with me to this day. We had an email come in and there was a young man in the children's hospital, and it wasn't looking good. His wish was to meet with me."

This greatly surprised Dibra, not realizing the impact he had.

"At the time Casting Crowns came out with 'Who Am I' and that was exactly what was going through my head. 'God, who am I that this young guy wants to meet me?'"

When Dibra met this young man in the hospital, he found out his favourite band was Seventh Day Slumber. 

"It happens to be my favourite band too," says Dibra. "I spoke with Jeff Funk, a sales guy here at the time. Jeff was able to facilitate a phone call with Joseph Rojas, the lead singer."

Dibra explained the situation to Rojas over the phone.

"I went back to the hospital and Joseph spoke with this young man. If you could see the face that this kid had when he realized who he was talking to, it was unbelievable."

Dibra left the hospital full of emotion that day, recalling the change that took place in him as well.

"It wasn't about me but rather being able to form a relationship with our listeners. It was the most emotional time I've had at CHVN. I left the hospital crying and praying for him."

Dibra chose a new career after many years in broadcasting and says it was a hard decision for him to make.

"Working at CHVN, it's not a job, it's a ministry. You have to be ministry minded."

Dibra went from radio host to working for Siloam Mission, then onto becoming a police officer, which he's done ever since. 

"Now 13 years later, it's now a ministry for me. My job is to serve and protect, be out there for the public and make sure people are safe. But it also gives me an amazing chance to touch base with really hurting people."

Dibra works with the Winnipeg Police Service.

"As an officer and a Christian, it gives me such a unique opportunity to be able to share Christ when I can, and also engage with Winnipeggers."

Dibra shares that he continues listening to CHVN.

"As officers, we all need prayer and support because we're all in this together. Pray also for CHVN staff members, that God keeps using them."