A boy who had just turned 13 years old jumped in front of a vehicle to save his sister's life. 

Tyler Phillips of Medford, New York, was hit by a gray SUV on October 12 after pushing his sister, Krystal Randolph, out of harm's way. The driver of the Chevrolet Equinox hit Phillips and then sped off. 

The hit-and-run is an ongoing investigation as police continue to search for the suspect. They are offering anyone with the suspect's whereabouts $5,000 for the information, according to a report.

"The car hit her first, and I guess he went to jump and grab her, and it just took him," Campbell, a family friend who witnessed the incident, told NBC4. "She said she watched him fly to the middle of the street, and she called an ambulance. They told her to give him CPR, and that was it."

The siblings along with their mother had been living out of a shelter. The two of them were walking home when the incident occurred. One day earlier, Phillips celebrated his 13th birthday. 

After the incident, paramedics took Phillips to the hospital after his sister attempted CPR. 

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"They tried to resuscitate him, and he was gone for 30 minutes," Phillips' mom, Desari Mac, told the outlet after first responders attempted to save her son.

Three days after being hit by the SUV, Phillips passed away due to his severe injuries. 

While the grieving sister, Randolph, didn't say much, she shared, "He saved my life."

Randolph is recovering after she was also hit by the SUV but is expected to make a full recovery. 

"While we are thankful that Krystal is expected to survive, we are heartbroken to learn of Tyler's passing," a statement from William Paca Middle School in Mastic Beach, New York, read. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Tyler's family and friends at this time."

"He will always be a hero," Phillips's mother, Mac, says.