Changing health orders and a pandemic is not stopping a couple of seven years from tying the knot this weekend, saying "it was just something that couldn't wait."

When Dryden Dilts and Caity Kauenhofen, a couple from Southern Manitoba, got engaged in December they didn't know how quickly and often their June 30 wedding plans would change throughout the pandemic.

"You kinda roll with the punches. Things did get worse than our worse expectations," Dilts says.

The couple marked the June date in their calendars this winter, expecting restrictions to look similar to last summer. What they did not know was that Manitoba was about to see its most restrictive Public Health Orders to date in the spring. As the date drew closer and attendance dropped to 10 people, the couple knew they still needed to go ahead with the wedding.

"There was also the debate (because) we are in the pandemic, but ultimately it was time. It was just something that couldn't wait. It was worth the risk," Dilts says who says he is excited "to finally say 'I do' and get to spend the rest of my life with the person I have always wanted to."

dryden and caityDilts and Kauenhofen have been together since high school. (Dryden Dilts/Facebook)

One week before their wedding, that changed to 25 people, which the couple says was a "nice boost" but did require some quick planning.

"We had to quickly try and throw something together and hope the people we wanted to be there could be there on such short notice," Kauenhofen says.

The pair is excited to expand their wedding to 25, allowing them to include their full wedding party.

"This is also the biggest get-together we are having in over a year," Kauenhofen laughs. "It is a significant jump from 10 (people) to 25."

They are now set to have two weddings, one for them in Dilt's parent's backyard, and one larger celebration at their original venue when restrictions loosen. Kauenhofen and Dilts say planning two weddings with the changing health orders is done with "much grace and patience" for each other.

The changing orders also mean they can get haircuts for their big day.