Westpark School in Portage La Prairie, Man. is releasing a worship video that the students put together. 

"We're a Christian independent school and one of our courses for the high school students is worship band. They get that for one semester for an hour every day. We just get to worship God and it's tons of fun," says Josh Bater, the music teacher at Westpark for grades 6-12. 

Normally the school's band puts on a Christmas concert.

"This year we were planning of one before restrictions got tighter in November. We thought to ourselves, you know we've got really great tech capabilities at Prairie Alliance Church which we share the building with, so we talked to some pastors there and decided we could make this video as a performance. Now we have this cool thing online."

The group performs the song 'Love Changes Everything' by Red Rocks Worship. 

"We thought this is kind of a great song that applies to what everyone is going through in COVID. It talks about God's love and regardless of where you are broken or if you are fighting things, that God's love can change everything."

There are 12 students in the band between grades 9 and 12. 

"The song is a really interesting story actually. My wife clued me in to it earlier in the spring during our first lockdown and I started listening to the song and really fell in love with it. I wasn't sure if the students would like it and they ended up loving it," says Bater.

As the novel coronavirus is spread through the air and water droplets, singing, in particular, is something that has been restricted throughout the pandemic. 

"We can't be singing in a class all the time. So we recorded the band and the instruments separately. We found a way to record the singers by putting up barriers and things like that and then put it together with some tech help from pastors and leaders at the church."