Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre is issuing a high wind effect warning in the south basin of Lake Manitoba.

"There was a low-pressure system that traversed from west to east across the southern prairies yesterday through overnight last night and is currently in Northwestern Ontario," says Eric Dykes, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. "On the backside of that is a pressure gradient. That is what is going to allow for gusting northerly winds."

Winds are expected to be as high as 50 km/hr right over lake Manitoba, causing a strong wind warning in effect for the area. 

The winds could cause water levels to rise up to five feet along the shoreline of Lake Manitoba. The impacted Lake Manitoba shoreline includes the areas starting at Oak Point and extending around the southern basin of the lake to a point near Langruth and portions of the north basin around the Narrows. 

"Winds should start to subside as we get into the afternoon and then certainly by evening hours we're not expecting winds to be as strong as they are during the day today."