Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission is investigating Hillsong Church and it's executive members after independent MP Andrew Wilkie brought forward documents in parliament outlining financial fraud. 

"These documents show that money is actually used to do the kind of shopping that would embarrass a Kardashian," says MP Andrew Wilkie in court. "I verify that these documents are genuine."

The documents Wilkie is referring to were given to him by a church member. 

The main allegations against Hillsong church's founding member Brian Houston, as well as newly appointed Global Senior Pastor Phil Dooley, are that the church was hiding millions of dollars that they didn't declare publicly. Preliminary findings estimate it could be up to $80 million not accounted for to the government as income, with allegations of tax fraud. 

According to eyewitnesses during the trial, there were over 15 folders filled with documents of evidence to support these allegations. 

Wilkie spoke at the Australian Parliament on March 9 outlining details of Houston's spending habits.

"These documents show former leader Brian Houston treating private jets like ubers," says Wilkie. "Hillsong followers believe that the money they put in the poor box goes to the poor."

So far Hillsong's reply is that the allegations are taken out of context. 

"What these documents show is that there was a lot of personal spending by Hillsong pastors from church funds," says Stephen Drill during an interview with 10 News First in Australia. "People were giving their tithes every week and that was being spent on private jets and three day trips to Cancun, Mexico that cost $150,000."

Drill is an investigative journals as well as the host of a podcast called Faith on Trial. 

After allegations of sexual misconduct as well as keeping information about his father's sexual misconducts, Houston resigned as lead pastor of Hillsong one year ago. 

The blowback from all these allegations have been quite significant, including Hillsong Worship, the band that originated from the Australian mega-church, cancelled their U.S. tour last year. Also, a few churches that had been affiliated with Hillsong withdrew their connections and support. 

To date, Houston has maintained his innocence on all allegations.