"We got to meet our little dove yesterday," says Hollyn on social media, a day after giving birth. 

Hollyn and her husband Dillon welcomed a daughter, Jonas Lovey Wilson on March 16, 2022. 

"I cannot stop staring at her… we have a daughter!!!!!"


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Hollyn has been open about the couple's struggle to get pregnant. In October 2021 they excitedly announced that they would be expecting. 

A few weeks before Jonas was born, Hollyn shared her thoughts on her body through pregnancy. 

"I’ve never felt more proud of my body. I used to have a rough time loving the skin I lived in. I was sick for so long. Tired. I blamed it all on my body. Wishing I could have another one. But in the last few years, we wrote a new story together."

On top of sharing their pregnancy news, Hollyn released her first independent album, Holy Rebellion, in November 2021.

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