Late Evangelist Billy and Ruth Graham's home was recently purchased and turned into a place of rejuvenation for pastors and those in ministry. 

The homestead of the Grahams at 198 Mississippi Road in Montreat, North Carolina, was recently purchased by his third daughter, Ruth, Charlotte businessman, Stephen L. Thomas, and actor Kirk Cameron. Together the three created the space to offer respite for weary pastors and ministry workers called Billy's Home Place

According to the website, "Rich in Christian history and gospel-legacy, this humble estate is more than a standing relic of a life well lived. Rather this house serves as a continuation of Dr. Graham’s legacy. A retreat for weary pastors and missionaries; a solace to seek the face of God."

For the past couple of years, the house has been used as a vacation spot. People visiting could stay and enjoy the cottage’s original furnishings, books, photos and mementos.

Ministry leaders staying at this picturesque home will not only find rest inside but can also explore the streams nearby with adjacent walking paths. The stay is offered for free to those who have served for 20-plus years in ministry. 

"Though out the centuries, this home stood as an alter of anointing where God chose to use a humble servant to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Often writing sermons and studying from a small writing table in his second-floor study, this library stands as a monument to the countless hours spent crying out to God on behalf of unrepentant souls and those in need of Christ."

Graham was active in ministry and crusades for most of his life, passing on to the next at the age of 99

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) continues to spread the gospel around the world, run by Graham's eldest son, Franklin.