The number of people homeschooling their children is growing in Manitoba even after the pandemic restrictions are subsiding, according to a local expert. 

Gerald Huebner is a part of the board of the Manitoba Association of Christian Homeschools (MACHS).

"Homeschooling has been a lot better this year for families because they're able to do much more and get together," says Huebner. "That's the thing that families have been missing for the last couple of years."

He shares how homeschooling has grown over the past few years. 

"Homeschooling has continued to grow in Manitoba. We had a huge increase in homeschool families in 2020 after the first bit of COVID. Some people decided they wanted their children back in school but many decided that they really liked this, the time as a family and what they saw in their children."

Coming up at the end of May MACHS is hosting its first in-person conference since the pandemic hit. 

"It'll be May 27 and 28 at Church of the Rock in Winnipeg. We have a full curriculum fair along with our keynote speakers and many workshops."

The conference is also open to parents who are simply interested in starting the homeschooling process, to find out how it works, and what curriculum could work for their family. 

Huebner and his wife homeschooled all of their children, and their children are now homeschooling their children. He says that it doesn't hinder the post-secondary option either. 

"We're seeing that homeschooling students are admitted into post-secondary institutions, whether that be universities, colleges, or Bible schools, in a pretty seamless way."

There should not be any barriers to students transitioning and this is due to the government's standards for homeschool parents when it comes to certain aspects of the curriculum. 

Anyone interested in the upcoming conference, titled For Such a Time as This, can find more details on their website