A pastor who came from the Philippines to serve the community in Winnipeg is reflecting on Asian Heritage Month and what it means to him. 

Pastor Andy Capesinio is the founder of Crossover Church in the North End of Winnipeg since 2015.

"I am the bi-vocational pastor at Crossover while simultaneously working at Siloam Mission. Financially, I work for my family full time while at the same time establishing the church planting and giving back to the community."

Capesinio was born in Bohol, Philippines and moved to Canada with his wife 13 years ago. 

"I'm busy but it's a joy in the Lord because I have lots of opportunities in the local church. You are not tied to just increasing the members."

Planting the church was a way for Capesinio to reach a wide variety of people and different backgrounds. 

"Primarily focused on the First Nations, serving the First Nations, especially the most vulnerable in the North End Area. I am so blessed to serve and pray for them and see the hands and power of God. They are experiencing healing, the transformation from addictions to recovery and reconciliation with their family."

Capesinio has been serving God both in the Philippines as well as in Canada. 

"Personally it's an honour and privilege to serve my community as an Asian, as a Filipino. It's also a privilege to serve other people, primarily the Indigenous. I've been praying for the First Nation spiritual revival."

The first few years after moving to Winnipeg were difficult for Capesinio and his wife, but he says they've transitioned well at this point into the community. 

"I was partnering with the pastors, leaders, and ministers and I was the coordinator to provide training for the pastors in the Philippines. When I came here I started from the very beginning. I did not come here as a pastor but helped during church on Sunday, until 2015 when my wife and I started the new church."

Capesinio says the thing he misses most about living in the Philippines are the beaches. The island he lived on was the second most visited spot for tourists to come because of the beautiful beaches. 

However, he is excited about all he has seen God do while in Canada, especially in the last couple of years. 

"In the past three years, God has been doing spiritual revival that never happened in the city of Winnipeg and in Manitoba."