One of the Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus' previous performances at a Jets Game.

The Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus is set to sing both the Canadian and Ukrainian national anthems at Tuesday night's Jets Game.

Scott Chabluk from Oakbank is a member of the chorus. As Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, he says his community is hurting.

“The last week or two has been something we never thought we would have to deal with as members of the Ukrainian community.”

In response to the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, Chabluk says the Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus was asked to perform. He notes True North Sports and Entertainment reached out to gauge the availability of their members four days ago and they were extremely quick to accept the opportunity.

“This will be probably one of the most emotional and important things we have ever sung, of course, because of the state of the world right now,” says Chabluk, adding “There has been such a massive outpouring on social media for us to sing again with what is happening in Ukraine. The support that we receive not only in and around Winnipeg but coast to coast and all over the world, has been truly humbling for all of us.”

Chabluk says this opportunity means a lot to the members of the chorus. He says Hoosli is a well-established staple of the local Ukrainian community and they want to do everything they can to be supportive.

“We have sung, I want to say six or seven times at Jets games. We are definitely straying away from our usual motif of wearing Jets jerseys.” He notes they plan to perform in decidedly Ukrainian garb.

Chabluk says his fellow Ukrainians have really come together over the last few days and weeks.

“The support that the Ukrainian community is putting back to Ukraine is unbelievable. It is sad that it is necessary but it is very gratifying to see the level that has been done.”