As Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues into its fourth week, more than 10 million people have left their homes and over 3 million people have left the country. 

Sasha Romancha works with a ministry in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, called Shelter Plus.

Before the invasion, they were an organization that helped orphan children and kids in need. They are now helping by handing out food and supplies to those who need them.

"Sometimes people never speak with each other. Now, it doesn't matter. They just unite and help each other and people in need to survive and live in this situation," said Sasha.

With the threat of attack growing, Sasha decided to send his wife and two young daughters away for safety. Sasha stayed back to help the children at the shelter.

"It was a really hard decision to send my wife and daughters away, but we still pray and talk to each other every day."

Since the attacks started, Sasha has been spending long and tiring days delivering food and supplies to people in his community. He has also been sharing the gospel along the way.  

"People are more open to the good news from the gospel. They want to be close to God," said Sasha. "People who have never prayed before have started to pray, asking God to protect them and to stop the war. People have become Christian because of the war."

The bombing has been getting closer and closer to where Sasha is located, but he says he will stay as long as necessary to help the people in his community.

Today on Connections, Sasha shares what's going on around him, why he chose to stay in Ukraine and how we can pray.