Against every last odd, you can hope anyway, that's according to author, mother and hope warrior, Leanna Tankersly.

After 15 long years, Tankersly's marriage came to an abrupt and unexpected end, leading her down a path of darkness.

With an openhanded spirit and open-hearted vulnerability, Leeana Tankersley reveals the darkest chapter of her own story, the thing she never thought would happen and could do nothing to prevent, in her new book, Hope Anyway: Welcoming Possibility in Ourselves, God, and Each Other.  

She says as a result of going through that tragedy and that kind of just overall undoing, she was able to find herself and see the light.

"I got in touch with this part of me, that despite difficult circumstances, despite a lot of just murky, messy middle, I just felt there was a part of me underneath all that, that was resilient, and that was somehow, someway going to find a way through this with the help of my community, with the help of my faith and being a friend to myself," she explains. "Somehow, I was going to find my way through this."

Today on Connections, Leanna shares her story and how she managed to get to the place she's in today.