It is shaping up to be a hot and muggy weekend for southern Manitoba, including the city of Winnipeg. 

Natalie Hasell with Environment Canada says we are currently under the influence of a ridge, which is well defined by hot conditions. As a result, Friday will be sunny with a high of 30 degrees and a humidex of 36. 

Saturday will then be mainly cloudy and Hasell says that cloud cover could prevent us from reaching 30 degrees. The forecast high for Saturday is 29 degrees and a humidex of 36. Hasell says there is a chance of rain for Saturday and even thunderstorms. 

"At this time only a small chance of showers and a risk of a thunderstorm," she explains. "It wouldn't surprise me considering the system that we're expecting is forecast to kind of come right over the Red River Valley."

Hasell says there will not be much relief from the heat overnight this weekend, with temperatures expected to only fall to 18 degrees on both Friday night and Saturday night. Then Sunday, it is back to full sun and 32 degrees. The normal high for this time of year is 26 degrees. 

She notes we should treat this weekend as though there is a heat warning in effect. For a heat warning to be issued, you need temperatures of 32 degrees or a humidex of 38. 

On hot days like this, Hasell encourages all of us to pay special attention to the vulnerable populations, including the very young, the very old and pregnant women. She says to consider the fact that some low-income earners and homeless people do not have access to air conditioning. For those who like to exercise outdoors, Hasell says you may want to reconsider, and for those who work outside, she says it is important to take breaks and stay hydrated. Hasell says other vulnerable populations include those dealing with chronic conditions related to the heart and lungs, including diabetes and kidney disease. 

If going outdoors this weekend, Hasell encourages wearing light-coloured clothing with natural fibers such as cotton. She notes a wide brim hat is recommended, as well as sun protection and staying hydrated.