Thursday started off with an extreme cold warning which made a hot pizza lunch from Chicken Chef that much more enjoyable for staff members at the Charis Centre. 

The centre is one of the programs run by Union Gospel Mission in Winnipeg. The Charis Centre has addiction programs that are designed specifically for women. Their name 'Charis' is the Greek word for grace.

"I'm nominating my boss and co-workers because of the unconditional and continual love and grace they show to the residents of the centre," says Freda Klassen, a staff member at the centre who nominated the group. 

There are roughly 10 women who work at the centre, counselling and loving the clients that live there. Women coming into this program can start in the BREATHE Program for a minimum of 30 Days. Afterward, if they want to continue healing, they can take the one-year HEART program.

"Thank you for choosing my nomination of my Charis co-workers for the Chicken Chef lunch break," says Klassen. "They so appreciated it!"

CHVN will have one more CHicken Chef Lunch break at the end of January 2022. To nominate a small group of people, click here