When he was just 10 years old, Atticus McIlraith heard that Winnipeg Harvest was down to just 11 tins of baby formula. He immediately made up his mind to do something to help feed babies in need. Now in its fourth year, the Atticus McIlraith Baby Formula Drive continues to raise awareness and support for infants using food banks throughout the province.

To date, the young boy is responsible for raising over $23,000.00 worth of baby formula. McIlraith stopped by the studio this morning to let us know how this year's campaign is going. While donations are coming in, and he's thankful for them, this year's donations are quite slow compared to other years.

Winnipeg Harvest feeds 1,600 babies every single month. For many babies a tin of formula lasts around 5 days, meaning that the need for formula can easily be over 9,000 tins a month. While donations of actual tins of formula are appreciated, McIlraith explained that cash is actually the better option. Winnipeg Harvest is able to leverage each $1.00 donated and literally turn that into $20.00.

You can drop off donations of either formula or cash at Grant Park High School, Ecole J.B. Mitchell, Acadia Jr. High, Ecole Dieppe, Churchill Park United Church. You can also contact McIlraith, and he and his mother will be happy to pick up your donation. You can call them at 204.391.3978 or through twitter, @atticusmcil.