No one wants to spend their lives being time-wasters, space-takers, binge-watchers, or game-players. We all want to be difference-makers. But where do you start?

In One at a Time, bestselling author and pastor Kyle Idleman uniquely reveals how Jesus valued people and shows us Jesus' way of changing the world--by loving people one at a time.

"If you study the life of Jesus, one of the things that is a little bit surprising is that there is so much content in those books that is committed to telling one at a time stories of Jesus interacting with people one person at a time," Idleman explains. "What's surprising about that is there has never been anyone who has the kind of impact in history that he's had, but his time on earth was relatively short and he spent most of it talking with people one on one."

Kyle says we like to measure influence and impact by how many and how much.

"How many followers do I have, how many comments does this get, how many shares did this post receive? What you see in the life of Christ, there were crowds around him often, but he almost went out of his way to see the one person in the crowd and give his attention to that one person."

Influencing just one person at a time may seem insignificant at first look. But throughout his book, One at a Time, Idleman explores the overlooked yet incredibly impactful habits of Jesus.

“When someone stood in front of Jesus, time stopped,” writes Idleman. “Everything else in his life—all his concerns, his agenda, his goals—blurred and disappeared. He was always fully present. One at a time is the Jesus way of changing the world.”  

Today on Connections, Kyle helps us understand Jesus's surprising habits, unlock the power of small things done with great love, and discover how God wants to use us to change the world one person at a time.