With temperatures continuing to rise across southern Manitoba, Lighthouse Mission is welcoming those in that are looking to beat the heat.

"We're in our new building, and unfortunately, the air conditioning doesn't work. People can come in to get out of the sun and they can rest in Lighthouse Mission, we can just provide them with water while they're trying to recover from what's happening on the street. We have some contractors coming in to see if we can get our air conditioning up to speed in the next week," Peter McMullen, director of Lighthouse Mission says.

McMullen says that those who come into Lighthouse Mission will get more than just water and to get out of the sun. "It is cooler inside than it is outside, we do have fans to keep folks cool, but they can get juice with vitamin C."

While Lighthouse waits for the air conditioning to be working again, McMullen says that they are always taking donations of "water is always good. We normally go through a fixed amount of water each day, but when it's hot like this, it's unlimited. We give out as much water is requested. We never know what state anyone is in, they could be severely dehydrated and we don't know. We certainly don't turn anyone away."

Besides water, he says that the public can drop off, "fresh fruit is good too, oranges are high in electrolytes. As people are sweating a lot, they're losing a lot of those important electrolytes. So any fruit is not only a nourishing snack but it does replenish those things that are sweat away."

Any donation can be dropped of at 676 Main Street in Downtown Winnipeg.