Kris Auest, AKA The Gate Keepa is reigniting his passion for music.

To someone who has never heard his music, Auest shared that "When they hear the lyrics and the message, it really speaks to the person's heart and causes them to think about life and why they're living it."

It all started almost 20 years ago when he would write poems and songs, that his friends told him to turn into Christian rap. The ultimate goal, as he shares is, "To minister to the brokenhearted."

With his song 'Death to Life,' Auest shared that the inspiration came from Ezekiel when God was breathing into our dry bones since once we were dead, God made us alive. 

Thinking back, two moments really stand out to Auest. "The first one was at Creationfest, I got to be part of the Indie talent search contest and I won third place. The next year, I volunteered, and they booked me to perform. Long story short, Manafest's and a bunch of other's flights got cancelled and they were like, 'Where's the Gate Keepa? He's volunteering. Let's put him in their slots.' So I got to take their slots which was really cool."

Another highlight was winning a Gospel Music Award for Rap Song of the Year.