TobyMac recently shared how he does church backstage while on tour, and confessed that it's the sweetest moment of his week. 

"Tour church. Every Sunday- backstage. Getting filled up to be emptied out," says TobyMac on Instagram. 

The artist is headed to Branson, Missouri next for the Favoured Women's Conference. After that TobyMac and his crew will be performing at the Epcot International Garden Festival in Orlando.  


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While TobyMac doesn't attend a specific church while he's busy touring, he makes church happen wherever he is. 

"Sweetest moment all week on tour. Grateful for the body of Christ. Grateful that the Church is not confined to a certain building."

Recently TobyMac also shared a post about things he enjoys doing on tour. This includes physical activities like basketball or golfing with his crew and the bands joining him on tour. 

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