Construction has been slowing traffic down inside Winnipeg, but the Transportation Management Centre (TMC) is working to get you home on time for supper.

The new TMC in Winnipeg hasn't been around long, but they are already pushing traffic in the right direction.

Ryan Patrick is the supervisor at TMC and is very excited about what they have been doing. The process, he explained, often starts with an issue that is either flagged by a Waze user, or called in through 311. Twitter is also a tool used to find traffic incidents.

Using 70 traffic monitoring cameras throughout Winnipeg, operators at the TMC find the incident and determine the best course of action, whether that be sending emergency services, or a City crew in the case of a light that is out (the cameras are programmed to block out windows on nearby houses).

They also have full connectivity to every signalized intersection in Winnipeg, allowing them to change light timing if needed from the TMC. 

"We've visited Los Angeles...Calgary, Toronto," Jonathan Foord, Traffic Signals Asset Engineer at TMC. "What we've done here is substantial."

Foord said they are pushing Waze to take more real time information, such as train crossings and school zones, to create a better map of the city and help Waze users get home faster.

The TMC can now put up additional traffic cameras in just half a day, allowing them to continue to expand their coverage. If you want to take advantage of TMC's work, download the Waze app on Android or Apple today.