Caleb Mogilevsky is living the dream, working at Youth for Christ, and helping others discover their love for media while making an eternal impact. 

Mogilevsky, YFC's film and media program director, has developed his own passion for media in the last number of years. Going from a volunteer to now, on staff. 

"I started looking at different places I could intern during the summer. I wanted to get some experience in the field and build a portfolio before heading to school. I was already volunteering at YFC [Youth for Christ] and saw that there were different needs for different video projects. I ended up pursuing that and asking for an internship," Mogilevsky shared before getting an unexpected answer.

He was told that an open job position could be his if he was interested. "At that point, I was blown away by God's plan because I was able to come onto a role where I was helping in the corporate side, which was huge, especially during Covid when video content was high in demand." 

After being a part of YFC for several years, Mogilevsky states that the ultimate goal has remained the same. 

"At YFC, our goal is always to offer contextualized ministries that reach out to youth that would not see themselves walking into a church on their own."

Helping those discover their passions in different areas, he saw that it was needed in media and film.

"My heart grew to see that there was a need for a more artistic program at YFC. I was able to share that with my supervisor and they were really supportive in letting me work out what this could look like."

Taking what he has learned and helping others develop those skills, especially tying back to faith has been very rewarding. 

"Not just story through a secular lens, but through the Christian lens knowing that the greatest story of all time, is found in Scripture and found in the story that God is continually writing in the lives of all those around us."

You can watch the full interview with Caleb below.