Manitoba Hydro is warning the public of a phone scam, where the person states your hydro account needs to be paid.

Earlier today, Manitoba Hydro tweeted our a warning to the public, saying if someone was to call and demand immediate payment, you should contact Hydro to confirm.

"What it involves is a person, rather forcefully, making a cold call," explained Bruce Owen, Public Affairs Officer for Manitoba Hydro. "They claim to be representing Manitoba Hydro. They then forcefully state that the customers account is in arrears and must be paid immediately."

Owen said the person gives multiple payment options, through Western Union, PayPal or credit cards. Manitoba Hydro does not do business this way, Owen said, and you should hang up immediately and contact Manitoba Hydro at 1-888-624-9376.

"It seems to have picked up speed late last week and certainly very early this week," Owen said.

Hydro is also warning customers about cold calls to their door, where a person claims to be from Hydro and wants to look at their furnace. Owen said Hydro does not do this, rather they call ahead of time to book an appointment. Always ask for an employees identification.