Dallas Jenkins took to social media over the weekend to share some bad news about the steaming release of Season 4 of The Chosen.

"We're going to have a family chat. There is a lot to discuss," said Dallas Jenkins in a video on YouTube. "Unfortunately, I do have some bad news to share with you."

These issues he says, are of vital importance to the future of the company and the show. 

"You always come first. The vast majority of the decisions we make are designed with you in mind. We always want to get you things as fast as possible. This is the bad news part of what I'm delivering," said Dallas." We cannot release Season 4 to streaming now. There will be a delay, a delay longer than we anticipated and hoped for."

Jenkins continues saying there are some legal matters that they are currently dealing with. 

"The goal is to have them resolved so that we can, long-term and short-term, better serve you, ensure the show remains free forever and gets to over a billion people, and also allows us to be sustainable forever."

Jenkins says, unlike other shows, The Chosen doesn't have a studio or a network with billions of dollars at their disposal that they can share or dip into. 

"For our show to be free, and for Come & See, the non-profit organization that helps contribute to the production and the translation of the show, for them to translate it into thousands of languages and market it around the world, it costs tens of millions of dollars minimum every year."

He says although their costs are much lower than most projects. It is still very expensive, which is why they have had to come up with new ways to sustain what they're doing, including releasing the show in theatres.

"A movie released to theatres makes so much more in one month than we do in a year," said Dallas. "We have three more seasons left. It is extremely expensive to be free. Without us getting creative. Without us figuring out ways to generate income so we can be sustainable and profit and have a career, our previous path wasn't proving to be sustainable."

Until things have been resolved, Dallas says they will be bringing Season 4 to churches and prisons starting March 13. Season 4 will also be extended in some theatres across North America.

A full list of theatres can be found here.