After days of conversations about his Christian faith on social and other media, Marty Sampson writes a letter of love to "Christianity".

"My message to you is one of Love," says Sampson. 

Sampson's faith has been up for discussion for eight days all over the world. Initially, it was believed the Hillsong worship leader was completely renouncing his faith, but he soon clarified that his faith was "on shaky ground".

In his letter, posted to Instagram, Sampson writes, "I don't hold any ill will toward anyone, and I don't harbor andy sadness, bitterness or sorrow in my heart toward you in any way. I am only me. One person.

"I can choose my response, no matter what, any response is my choice. If I have one choice, of how to react to you Christianity, I choose this: to LOVE YOU."

Other prominent figures in Christianity - John Cooper from Skillet, foe example - have called out and responded to Sampson's public question of faith with their own questions and criticism.

Cooper has said that there is nothing wrong with one having questions about their faith but, "There is a difference in someone that is a church leader, a church influencer, a thought leader - there is a different kind of weight for your words. You are literally influencing people."

Sampson says in his Instagram post that, "I am reminded in the last week, of the goodness of Christians. The kindness that has been shown to me is overwhelming. I see it, I hear it, and I feel it.

"Regardless of how you see me, as an apostate or as a brother, I never wanted to make anyone doubt their own faith, nor convince them to take another path than the one they are on."

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