Manitobans are being reminded that seeing wildlife in neighbourhoods is common, especially early in the spring.

Janine Wilmont is a Human-Wildlife Conflict Biologist with the province. As the temperatures are warming up, many people are seeing more wildlife than usual in their neighbourhoods. She says this is normal.

"It is actually pretty common to be seeing coyotes at this time of year," Wilmont says. 

The biologist says that their breeding season is in February and March, which is why people are seeing coyotes more than usual.

"We do share the landscape with a number of different predacious animals. It is something people need to be aware of. The animals are becoming more adaptive with those animals and learn how to co-exist with them."

She says in instances where people and coyotes could interactive, people should avoid having things in their yards such as unsecured garbage and fruit.

"If you do have pets, I encourage you to not leave them outside in your yard unattended." She says unattended pets are more vulnerable to coyotes.



With files from Sylvia St. Cyr