An upcoming election set to make history in India has brought new vigour to anti-Christian beliefs within the country.

Hindu radicals were responsible for the recent desecration of 1,000 Bibles in India.

The incident was caught on camera by the International Christian Concern (ICC). "Radical Hindus seized and burned these Bibles and threatened the Christians who were distributing them," the non-governmental organization reported. 

According to Open Doors USA, India is also the tenth most-persecuted nation for Christians in the world. In recent years, publically tolerated instances of Christian persecution have become the norm. As reported by its factsheet, India's chief religion, Hinduism, contains a radical sector of believers dedicated to the cause of cleansing India of Christianity and "do not shy away from using extensive violence to achieve their goals."

The upcoming Indian election has further fuelled these convictions due to its high visibility. With approximately 900 million people eligible to vote in the next Indian election, the country will soon host the largest democratic election in history.

"Everybody does not get this privilege, to suffer for His name sake."

However, despite the persecution they face, CBN News reports that Christians in India are remaining rooted in their faith.

One pastor who was nearby when the large-scale Bible burning was taking place said that to him, persecution was a blessing.

"Everybody does not get this privilege, to suffer for His name sake."