A Winnipeg man and woman have been arrested in relation to a series of break-and-enter plus thefts in the city worth $80,000 of goods stolen. 

Between May 2022 and January 2023, the Winnipeg Police Service received approximately 30 reports involving residential and commercial break-ins throughout the city. The Property Crime Unit entered into an investigation linking two suspects to these offences.
On January 25, 2023, Property Crime, with the assistance of the Tactical Support Unit, executed an entry warrant at a residential complex in the first hundred block of Furby Street, taking a male and female into custody.
Over $80,000 of property, including computers, electronics, bicycles and tools, were stolen from storage lockers and residential complexes. $250,000 in property damages was incurred at the following locations:
- First 100 block of Sinawik Bay
- First 100 block of Swindon Way
- 300 block of River Avenue
- 400 block of Stafford Street
- 600 block of Stradbrook Avenue
- 200 block of Fairhaven Road
- 500 block of Lindenwood Drive
- First 100 block of Edmonton Street
- 1000 block of Kimberly Avenue
- 1000 & 1100 blocks of Molson Street
- 700 block of Tache Avenue
- 100 block of St Anne’s Road
- 200 block of Edmonton Street
- 1000 block of Corydon
- First 100 block of Whellams Lane
- 200 block of Colony Street
- 100 block of Adamar Road
- First 100 block of Wellington Crescent
- 100 block of Roslyn Road
- 200 block of Masson Street
- 200 block of Main Street
- 100 block of Bannatyne Avenue
- First 100 block of Market Avenue
- 100 & 200 blocks of McGregor Street
- 300 block of Arbuthnot Street

A map of the break-ins. A map of the break-ins. 

A 31-year-old male, Michael Johnathan Peter MOORE of Winnipeg, was charged with 21 Break and Enter-related offences.
A 32-year-old female, Tamara Gwendolynn GLADU of Winnipeg, was charged with 34 Break and Enter-related offences.
Both were detained in custody.
The Property Crime Unit reminds the public to register and record serial numbers of vehicles and trailers, including Powersports and leisure products. Serial numbers of household products such as electronics, power tools, bicycles, and jewelry should also be documented. The documentation facilitates investigations in identifying victims and substantiating property theft charges. In addition, documentation of property increases the chances of the return of property to its rightful owners.