A team of independent investigators say police officers did not contribute to the two deaths that occurred when a suspect was fleeing then at a traffic stop.

Four passengers in a van were struck on September 26 after a driver fleeing from police crashed into them. The mother in the vehicle died the in hospital, and her 10-month-old son died after spending a month fighting for his life in the hospital.

Due to police involvement ending in death, the Winnipeg Police Service contacted the Independent Investigation Unit (IIU). The investigators examined:

• WPS Homicide Investigative Summary
• CAD dispatch records
• WPS radio transmissions
• GPS records for police vehicle
• Drone images of the crash scene at Boyd Avenue and Andrews Street
• Video footage taken from various locations on Boyd Avenue and Main Street
• WPS Forensic Identification Service (FIS) reports and photographs of scene
• WPS Collision Analyst report

After investigating, the IIU determined that there is no evidence that pointed to officers contributing to the cause of the crash. The driver of the fleeing vehicle currently is facing charges. Once the charges have faves a disposition, the IIU report will be available.