A puppy rescued from Little Grand Rapids is recovering after being found with a collar embedded in her neck.

In February, while doing a clinic in the remote fly-in community of Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba Animal Alliance was alerted by community members of a dog that looked injured, wandering around the area.

"She was located and spotted living in a dog house at a person's property," said the Manitoba Animal Alliance in a Facebook post. "Many people tried to capture her to bring her into care, including local RCMP."

On the day that she was to be picked up and flown out of Little Grand Rapids, she disappeared.

"MAA had not heard about her, nor had she been seen and assumed she had died."

Last week, a community member contacted the rescue to let them know they had seen a dog wandering around the community with an embedded collar.

"We knew this was the same dog right away," said the rescue in a post. "We also knew the only way to get this girl was to get up there and bring a trap.

Manitoba Animal Alliance made plans to fly out the next day with the trap to capture the puppy and bring her in.

"It took two days to trap her." said the Manitoba Animal Alliance."Her breathing was raspy, and her throat dripping from infection. 

She was flown back to Winnipeg and taken to Centennial Animal Hospital, where she immediately went into surgery.

"She is currently in critical but stable condition and will remain at Centennial Animal Hospital to continue treatment, care and light therapy to speed up her healing process."

The Manitoba Animal Alliance says she had a rough start, still scared to come out of her kennel. They say the staff at Centennial Animal Hospital took their time and slowly started working to gain her trust.

Anyone interested in helping with the care of Soffie can do so through the Manitoba Animal Alliance website.