Christian Independent artist Jamie Grace is happy that she tried out for American Idol this year, seeing it as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Grace, once signed under TobyMac's label Gotee, tried out for American Idol on February 2, 2021, and received her golden ticket to Hollywood. 

"I wish you all could have seen my audition (I sang Hold Me, Breathe Deep and Ray Lamontagne’s Let It Be Me) and for Hollywood’s Genre challenge, I sang Calum Scott’s You Are the Reason, dedicated to Isabella [her daughter]," says Grace on her Facebook. 

Grace released two albums under Gotee before she left the record label in 2016. She's been an independent artist since. 

"As Hollywood Week continues, my time on the show has come to an end," says Grace.

While it was a short-lived time on the hit network show, Grace is glad she did it. 

"It’s hard to ask for a “second chance.” Especially publicly. I was insecure about going on the show. I worried that many people who know my music from 7-10 years ago might think it was unfair, not knowing how hard it’s been pursuing music independently."

The artist has a newly published book, Finding Quiet: My Journey to Peace in an Anxious World, that came out in October of 2020.

"When I was eliminated, I was embarrassed that people wouldn’t have seen my journey as my trying to keep my career going, but instead see me as a failure. But ultimately, God was clear that this was a step worth taking, and His lead will always be the one I follow."

Grace has battled and been open about her Tourette syndrome, OCD, and ADHD, however, it hasn't stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

"Thanks to everyone for your joy and excitement with me throughout this journey! And to my friends and family [and fans and Patreon community] for the love you have shown me! No matter the size of the audience, I’ll forever write songs, make videos and [for now] release daily episodes of my podcast."

Grace was a guest on Connections on CHVN with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde. Listen to the two-part series below.