Winnipeg is going to be one of the hundreds of cities around to world to host the annual community-building festival that is inspired by activist Jane Jacobs.

Jane's Walk was started back in Toronto in 2006 by some of Jane Jacobs' friends and colleagues as a way to honour her life and bring to life the ideas that she advocated for. Over the course of the next decade, the movement saw rapid growth on a global level.

By 2017, 1,700 Jane's Walks took place in 225 cities around the world, spanning 37 countries and six continents. The movement continues to grow to this day and there are as many as 500 cities participating each year.

This year, Jane's Walk in Winnipeg will take place from May 5-7 hosted by various local organizations and volunteers to explore local landmarks and have conversations inspired by Jane Jacobs.

This weekend’s eight live events will include:

  • an exploration of the passageways in the Exchange District with city planner and long-time Jane’s Walk leader Choi Ho;
  • a neighbourhood mural tour with the Transcona Museum;
  • a river trail walk in old St. Boniface with Save our Seine;
  • an art walk rooted in old city stories with Nathan Krahn and Winnipeg’s Public Art Program;
  • collaborative chalk drawing in North Kildonan;
  • a tour of downtown buildings that highlight the influence of the grain industry on Winnipeg’s development;
  • an eco-historic stroll along the LaSalle River in St. Norbert; and
  • a choose your own pedestrian adventure with Storefront Manitoba.

All events are free and community-led. Sign up through To view the library for this year's Jane's Walk, click here.