Jay Weaver has died from complications due to COVID-19 his bandmate and brother Mike Weaver says.

The Weaver brother's band, Big Daddy Weave, first took to social media on New Year's Day asking for prayers for Jay and his family as he was in hospital at the time "fighting a tough battle against Covid."

In a video posted on Sunday evening, lead singer Mike Weaver says "I'm so sorry to bring you this news, but I'm also excited to celebrate where he is right now. My brother Jay went to be with Jesus just a couple hours ago."

Jay (Jason) faced a number of health challenges over the years. In August 2021 he was forced off the road in the middle of a tour with the band after a serious infection. He spent time in the hospital but was discharged after five days. 

"The prayers for healing can turn into prayers of Thanksgiving now"

"You've seen him walk an uphill battle," Mike says in the video update to fans, "and you guys have helped carry him through so much." Mike says that the prayers and support of fans throughout Jay's health struggles helped them through difficult circumstances.

Mike says that the Lord also used Jay to encourage others who were facing their own struggles.

"Anybody who's come in contact with him just knows how real his faith in Jesus was. I believe that even though COVID may have taken his last breath Jesus was right there to catch him and I know that he's seeing things now that I long to see."

Mike says that his own heart is broken at the loss of his brother, but also for Jay's family. He also says, though, that prayers should not stop.

"The prayers for healing can turn into prayers of Thanksgiving now, that Jay is in God's presence."


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