From 0 A.D. all the way to Gen-Z, The Chosen and its new episodes are connecting with the young and old, as well as believers and non-believers.

Season 3 of The Chosen TV series was released in theatres around the U.S.A and Canada this past weekend and the first two episodes came in at No. 3 at the box office. 

The 'teal carpet' premiere on Friday was held at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta where all the actors and staff of The Chosen took in the first two episodes dressed in their 'Sunday' best. 

The actors from The Chosen at the Season 3 premiere in Atlanta. The actors from The Chosen at the Season 3 premiere in Atlanta. (The Chosen/Facebook)

"The thing that sets ['The Chosen'] apart is how real and authentic all of these characters feel, how human they are, how flawed they are," says Jordan Walker Ross, the actor who plays Little James during an interview

While the producers of the show aim to interpret the New and Old Testament as accurately as possible, the show reads between the lines in a few areas to broaden the viewer's experience. 

"I think one great thing about Gen Z is they're open to having these difficult conversations and asking the tough questions, and The Chosen is the same," says Ross. "The Chosen asks a lot of really difficult questions, like, ‘Why am I not being healed, but other people are?’ And I think that that resonates. I think Gen Z is a generation of thinkers and questioners. I hope that it has a lifelong impact on them."

What started off as four episodes paid for through sponsors and crowdfunding has turned into a show watched around the world through its app and streaming services. Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen's creator, director, and co-writer, announced that for the first time Season 1 will be available on Netflix. 

"I know many, many people who aren’t believers that watch the show and love it," says Jenkins. "I think the teachings of Jesus — whether or not you believe that He was the Son of God — what He did totally changed the world."

The CEO of Angel Studios, Neal Harmon, shared that they are planning on shooting seven seasons. They are hoping the show reaches one billion people by 2027. 

"That's an ambitious goal, we believe it's possible," says Harmon in an interview during the premiere. "We believe that the hunger and the need is out there. But we've really got to work hard to get there."