Since an anti-conversion law has been in place earlier this year in India, some women are being asked to choose between Jesus or some dire consequences including their next meal.

According to Voice of the Martyr's Canada, Jharkhand is a tribal Christian belt location, and it's there the anti-conversion law took effect in January. This has people trying to force women to choose Hinduism and deny their Christian faith. 

One woman (who remains nameless to protect her identity) partnering with VOM Canada is helping women overcome this persecution.

"Women are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus," says the woman aiding others. "There is a very structured way of cornering them and persecuting them."

Keeping the Faith

Radicals in the area pressured one woman recently to give up her faith, but she held on. 

"She did not denounce her faith, and what was the next step? Her daughter was sold and trafficked. This was the punishment given to the Christian woman because of her faith."

Other women are given the choice between food rations or keeping their Christian faith.

"Aid from the government is given to her only if she denies her faith. If she doesn’t take the relief, there’ll be no food for her or her family."

Despite the intense persecution, many women have testified to having seen and received healing. These women are choosing to put their faith in a God of miracles. 

"Many of the Christian women accepting Jesus has been [because of] the miraculous healings they received. That has made them change them completely."

The nameless woman shared that another young lady met Jesus in a dream. "She [said], ‘I saw a man in white, and He was asking me to follow [Him].’ She attended the Sunday school just once or twice, and [now] she’s getting a vision."

The girl was only 13 years old when she had the dream of Jesus. Her family did not show support of her Christian choice and pressured her to give it up. She is now 16 years old and is still choosing to follow God. 

"She was not allowed to finish her education or to meet anybody. She left her village and came to a bigger city – alone – because of the abuse that she was facing."

The woman's organization is helping women overcome these real barriers to keep their beliefs in Jesus. 

"These are the little steps that we are taking [to help persecuted women.] One of the most important steps is to talk to these women about their rights. They have equal rights being the citizen of India."