Jordan Janzen, lead singer of The Color, is thrilled to welcome his son to the world and opens up about the rough road he and his wife walked to get there.

On April 11, 2021, Janzen and his wife Gwendolyn welcomed their second child, a son named Aiden Kenneth Crew Janzen in Winnipeg, Man.

"It all feels like a bit of a blur," says the dad of a newborn with little sleep. "On Sunday, my wife and I welcomed our second, our son, into the world and we are thrilled."

Jordan Janzen with his newborn son Aiden.Jordan Janzen with his newborn son Aiden. (Supplied)

"It's an interesting road. We've been married now for 12 years in July. Infertility was very much a part of our journey for the first eight years, four we were aware of."

Aiden is the couple's rainbow baby, a term coined for a child birthed after the mother lost a child.

"We're so thankful that God has blessed us and provided us with two beautiful children. In that process, there was some heartache and disappointment. We've miscarried two times in the last two years, so it feels like this is a moment to celebrate."

Janzen will take the next two weeks to help out his wife, play with his daughter, and help look after his son with a time just at home.

"I slept for a few hours last night. It's a beautiful thing. You kind of get thrown back to the first time when we had our girl just over three years ago. It's certainly a different schedule than I've been used to."

Their daughter, Lennyn, has been adjusting well to her baby brother.

"She's been really excited about helping out. From the moment she met him, she's been 'what can I do to help my baby brother, baby Aiden. It's a life shift for her too."

As Janzen has shared this journey previously, he says the feedback has been encouraging.

"To have this incredible support system of people who've chosen to walk alongside of us and speak life into our dark moments, pray with us, and believe that God has a plan for our family has been an incredible blessing."