A Manitoban musician is heading south to join a Christian music legend in shows across the United States.

While sad to leave his bustling family home, Jordan St. Cyr is excited to get back on stage.

"I am just excited to connect with people and hear their hearts in person and just be able to pray with them and really just minister," St. Cyr says. "I think that is the whole point of Christian music and why it exists."

Breathing a sigh of relief after making it through airport security, St. Cyr is glad to have the opportunity to join someone he looks up to on tour. The musician says he "still doesn't believe" he is going on tour with Jeremy Camp.

"This is an artist, not just an artist, a man, a person, a husband, a father, that I have looked up to for a while now. I have seen what he has walked through in his life. I am just really looking forward to hanging out with this kind of quality of person for this amount of time and just really have great conversations with this guy."

The tour is kicking off in Nashville and has tour dates until September.

For the past year, St. Cyr has been doing virtual interviews and had the "life-giving" opportunity to play for small crowds at churches. This month is the first time he can add a "0" to the number of people in the audience, as his previous 25-person crowd sizes from the summer will be beaten. The artist is anticipating crowd sizes in the hundreds on tour thanks to Camp's following.

"One of my favourite things is just being in the same room with people and finding out where they are at, what's God teaching them in their lives," St. Cyr says.

This tour will let him do that.

St. Cyr's wife and four children will remain at home, but he is taking their story with him on the road. Since releasing Fires telling the story of a man in Nashville who was struggling, and his own family's difficulties, the song has given hope to others with many fans reaching out to share their own stories.

"I think it is going to be overwhelming in a positive sense," he says about seeing people in an audience. "I think it is going to be the in-person version of what we have experienced online, of just people pouring out their hearts sharing their journey right now."

Fans can pray for him by praying for his family at home.

"My wife is holding down the fort with four little crazy humans so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers."

The Manitoban is also asking for prayers of safety and to follow the laws in each area he and Camp will be in.

"We are always needing to be fed and ministered to. Pray that ministry happens in a real, deep way."