A Manitoban musician says his latest venture feels like a "travelling Bible camp for adults" as he tours the United States with other Christian artists.

Jordan St. Cyr has had a busy summer and is gearing up for an equally busy fall.

"I think I have about just under 60 shows until Christmas, which is amazing, and I've got this new song out, 'Weary Traveller" that's coming out September 10 next month," St. Cyr says. 

During this time in 2020, the Niverville native announced his Backyard Bonfires Tour, bringing joy and faith-filled tunes to Manitobans during the pandemic. One year later, St. Cyr has done that for more people across the world than there are in Manitoba. His song "Fires" has now reached almost two million people on YouTube, he's finished a tour with Jeremy Camp, and is set to embark on a different tour this fall. 

"It has been an alarming experience, so encouraging to hear really how these songs are impacting people. That is kind of the mountain top of this experience for me and why I do what I do."

The tour experience is not as glamorous as people think, St. Cyr says, explaining bus life with 14 people, sleeping in bunks, sharing close quarters, and talking about God. St. Cyr laughs, agreeing that it is like a travelling Bible camp for adults.

The best part of the tours, for St. Cyr, is the people who approach him after the shows at his merchandise booth share their own stories.

"It has been amazing just hearing the stories of how the songs that I feel I've been gifted with by God and the songwriters He's using kind enter into my life and help me along with this journey."

St. Cyr's own music often comes with a story, including his new release, "Weary Traveler."

"It has been a long season; it kind of gets in your bones. You know, your soul aches and your heart breaks," he says. "I think at the end of the day, you are worn down and some of us want to give up, there is this small voice that says 'carry one. Keep going. Everything that we are doing in this life is worth it."

This song is officially being released on September 10, talking about the struggle the pandemic has had and figuring out what is best for your families. The climax of the song is about returning to God.

"Someday soon we are going make it home. God has prepared the way for us and he is using all of our circumstances to prepare us for that. And someday soon we are going to make it home and it is going to be an amazing new chapter of our lives."

St. Cyr is currently on tour with Colton Dixon and Hannah Kerr, but is hopeful he will be able to host shows in his home province in between their shows.