Lauren Daigle has released a new song to start the new year with a joyful noise.

"I have not been on IG in months, but I couldn’t contain myself and had to post my excitement in the midnight hour!" Daigle says in a post announcing the song, "Come Back Home," Friday.

Daigle collaborated with Petey Martin on the single, which transitions from powerful piano to an electronic pulse sure to start listeners' toes tapping.

Martin is known for his collaborations and production of songs by Kygo and Loud Luxury.

"Made this for someone special. Hope you all enjoy the first of many more upcoming releases!" Martin shared on Instagram.

The song's lyrics speak of laying down burdens to return home after a long and difficult journey.

"This song brings me so much joy, and honestly I can’t help but keep singing it over and over and over again," Daigle says.