No-shave Movember is just for fun, but you might not know that Justache October is for for justice.

The initiative's creator Jason friesen and his cohort of bearded men are calling on on all guys in Manitoba (and everywhere, really) to shave themselves into weird, question-provoking iterations of facial hair - bizarre half-beards, odd moustaches, and stark mutton chops. These then are able to serve as conversation starters to awareness and support for International Justice Mission Canada, an organization dedicated to fighting injustice, particularly slavery in the modern world.

Here's some of the conversation I had with Jason about this crazy and, quite frankly, awesome idea:

And here's a slick video him and his fellow compatriots put together:

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Justache October runs for the rest of this month - you can still join in! Head over to Justache October's website.

And you can also find out more about International Justice Mission directly here.