Kanye West has been making a lot of headlines in Christian circles recently as he's begun holding Sunday worship gatherings around the country. However, some have been leery of his newfound faith.

That is understandable given West's former lyrics and lifestyle which were often anything but Christ-like. However, a pastor who has been discipling West says it's a very real change of heart.

Adam Tyson is the senior pastor of Placerita Bible Church in Santa Clarita, California. He's recently preached a few gospel messages at West's services. But, before that, he has been teaching West about Scripture and following after Jesus. It began after West quietly began attending Tyson's church.

Tyson says West came to two services without being recognized as he quietly came and left. However, on his third visit West stayed to talk with the Pastor.

Tyson was a guest on Billy Hallowell's The Pure Flix Podcast. He says “I spent about three hours just going through the gospel, making sure he understood clearly about the atonement of Jesus Christ, that God is holy, that we are sinners, that Christ came to die in the place of sinners, that by repenting and believing in him, we can have eternal life,” he says. "And [West] was like, 'Hey, man. I told you I’ve been radically saved; I believe that message and I wanna get that message out to the world.'"

While Tyson understands that some are hesitant to believe West, the pastor says he's seeing evidence of transformation and a life submitted to Christ.

"The fruit that I’m seeing is he’s no longer continuing in some of the sin patterns that he was before he came to Christ," Tyson says. "Right now, every day, he is living and walking with God, so from what I can tell, there’s no reason for me not to encourage that and be a part of that."