A controversial hip-hop artist is expected to host his first-ever Sunday service in Russia, inviting the country's president to be a special guest.

According to Billboard, Kanye West (Ye) will be going to Russia later this year. The trip will be primarily a business trip meeting with developers; deals rumoured to be worth $10 billion.

While he is there, Ye will meet with President Vladimir Putin, a close associate of one of the developers and an outspoken member of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Ye is inviting the president as a special guest to a Sunday service that he will be putting on, the artist's first Russian show. The service will likely be at one of the developer's 7,300 person namesake theater, or at Russia's national stadium that holds 81,000 people.

Billboard says hosting a gospel service and meeting with Putin has been a goal of Ye's since his 2019 release of The Sunday Service project.

As a special guest of developer Aras Agalarov, Ye will be working with his son Emin as well, but on an entirely different project. Emin is a well-known musician in Russia and will be collaborating with him on music, as well as developments.