The sudden loss of faith leaders is leading a community to wonder how issues in a marriage could lead to devastating church incident.

While preaching on Sunday, a church leader at Ground for God's Gospel Ministry in Kenya was killed by her husband on the pulpit. Fifty church members were present to watch the horrific act, including their own children.

CHVN listener Mohamed Adan lives and preaches in the neighbourhood and says that the incident is causing people to question their faith. The town is not primarily Christian and leaders are concerned that this incident will lead people away from the church.

Adan has found people saying there is "no hope in Christianity" because of the pastor's actions, but he responds that the church is where they can "look for hope."

He has been encouraging the church and his community after the loss of their leaders."I tell people who want to come to join the faith," Adan explains. "The hope that we know if through Jesus Christ."

Adan says the husband, Elijah Misiko, and wife, Ann Mughoi, founded the church together after doing mission work on the street. Later, the husband purchased the property the church is on in his name. The couple had been having difficulties in their own marriage and brought those difficulties into their church. The husband and wife were separated at the time, and the husband was asked to stay away from the church and his wife.

The congregation did not expect anything violent to happen that Sunday and were "very happy" to be there celebrating the new year. 

The husband attended the church that morning, approached his wife in the middle of her sermon, and stabbed her and himself in front of the congregation. The building has since been closed for police investigations. 

A funeral will take place for both leaders after the police investigation has concluded.