March is, among many other things, music therapy month. It's a month meant to bring awareness to the benefits of therapy through music, and local music therapist, Nicole Richard, stopped in to explain.


Music therapy helps in ways a lot of other therapies can't. "Music therapy is a very practical use of music," Richard explains. "It's the use of music in therapeutic relationships to help people in development, health, and wellbeing."

Music therapy is different than simply listening to music. "It's very goal-oriented," in its structure and process.

"Music literally wakes up part of our brain. It makes us not only want to move, but it helps us use our voices, too." That's why music therapy is a great tool for people with speech problems, among others.

For Richard, the work is a reward in itself. "I love seeing a child who has a speech language issue will learn to speak through singing, and through having rhythm cue speech, and how that works in the brain. It's amazing how it works in a way that other therapies just can't."

If you're interested in finding out more, you can find The Music Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM) online here. You can also find them on Facebook, and Twitter.

The MTAM are raffling off a Fender FC-100 classical guitar with case and accessories, donated by Quest Musique, through the month of March. MTAM members will be selling raffle tickets at Quest Musique, 1308 Portage Avenue, on Saturdays March 11th and March 18. Money raised will support MTAM advocacy efforts so that we can let more people know about what accredited music therapists can do!