Kirk Cameron says that there are three things that parents need to do to strengthen their child's faith and help them walk alongside Christ in today's world.

The actor and producer who got his start on the show "Growing Pains" from 1985-1992 is sharing his thoughts on how parents can help their kids navigate the physical and online worlds that make up our society, reports the Christian Post.

“I would tell parents to be the kind of confident, wholehearted, full of faith Christian that you want your children to become,” Cameron said first, highlighting the importance of acting as a living example when in the role of mom or dad.

“Second, I would advise staying in a relationship with them ... So many kids that go astray, you look at their relationship with their parents and it's usually broken. It's not healthy and strong.”

Cameron became a Christian as an older teen and was soon using his platform to share his faith with the world. He has starred in faith-based films such as Fireproof and Left Behind.

Thirdly, Cameron emphasizes the problem of identity that we see today.

"Make the word of God the centre of your home and what you teach them,” he shared. "Our generation is struggling with this issue of identity. We need to ask ourselves, ‘if this was taken away from me, would I question who I am? Do I define myself by my looks, race, gender, talents or resources? And ultimately, find our sense of identity in who God says we are.”

Cameron's words fit well with his most recent project, Connect, a documentary which seeks to provide real advice for parents of kids living in our social media-obsessed society.

The actor also offered his thoughts on the newest Christian film release, Overcomer, which stars Priscilla Shirer. The movie deals with similar themes of lost identity, following the story of a high school basketball coach whose path is changed by the loss of his town's largest manufacturing plant. As a result, he begins to coach track, a significant shift that invites viewers to consider what in our own lives defines us.

“I appreciate ‘Overcomer’ because it's based out of truths in the book of Ephesians. The Gospel is central in the movie," Cameron says.

The actor and father-of-six believes that Overcomer addresses a topic and a problem that requires deep thought and consideration.

Cameron says, “You hear people say all the time, ‘I went to California to find myself; I’m really struggling with my identity ... That’s why I love this movie, because it’ll open up a conversation between us as parents with our children to talk about what it is that truly defines us.”'

But don't let the Christian label on the movie scare you. The issues that come along with finding your identity in a society consumed with gaining the greatest amount of likes and followers online make it something everyone can gain from watching.

The actor called it a "great conversation starter.

"We all struggle with finding who we are. Especially with social media being such a central part of our lives, we’re forming our identity and self-worth on the opinions of millions of people who don’t even know us, and our values from people who don’t have a biblical worldview.”

Catch Overcomer in theatres across Canada on August 23, 2019.