A young girl from La Broquerie was recognized Tuesday morning by the Canadian Red Cross.

On March 2nd, 12-year-old Emily Neufeld was babysitting her two younger brothers. Neufeld decided to go downstairs to begin her chores when she noticed an unusual smell coming from the bathroom. She says it smelled like something was burning and moments later saw that the bathroom was engaged in fire. 

Neufeld ran upstairs, grabbed her siblings, got out of the house and called 911. Neufeld says it was at a Canadian Red Cross babysitting course where she learned that in the event of a fire, the most important thing to do is to drop everything and run for your life by getting out of the house. 

"I'm very glad that I took the Red Cross babysitting course," says Neufeld. "If it wasn't for that course, I wouldn't have known what to do. I'm just very glad that I saved my brothers from the fire and I'm happy that they are here with me today."

Sian Proulx with Canadian Red Cross Prevention and Safety made a special stop at Arborgate School in La Broquerie Tuesday morning. It was there that Proulx presented Neufeld with a replacement babysitter certificate. Her original certificate was destroyed in the house fire. Proulx also presented Neufeld with a Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award, which acknowledges the efforts of individuals who help save a life, prevent further injury or provide comfort to the injured.

Proulx says she was honoured to have the privilege of being part of the ceremony.

"She rescued her two little brothers and her pets and remained calm and did everything she was trained to do," says Proulx. "It's just super exciting that the courses and the information we're teaching them actually sticks with them and they know what to do in case they ever need to use it."

Proulx says it is important that they publicly recognize Neufeld for her bravery. She says children take pride in this sort of acknowledgment, but it also proves to other kids that they can do important things too. 

"I hope that other kids that see this story know that they can be just as cool and awesome as Emily and maybe take a course as well," adds Proulx.

Emily Neufeld with her family (Golden West)Emily Neufeld with her family

With files from Corny Rempel and Vanessa Friesen