Smokey skies may be lingering after a significant grass fire in the western part of the city.

Behind Charleswood Road in the grassy forest area, a fire started Monday afternoon. Winnipeg emergency crews were called at 2:21 p.m., finding the extensive fire stretching several hundred metres long.

Englofing only the grass and bush area, no homes were involved in the flames. Officers used "specialized wildland-urban interface equipment" to fight the fire and protect neighbouring homes and buildings.

During the battle, one firefighter was injured, requiring medical attention.

They say proper landscaping is important for preventing fires.

"This includes thinning and pruning vegetation, removing trees and converting to fire-resistant plants, and general cleanup of brush, leaves, grass, and debris. Watering plants and vegetation in the area surrounding your home is also important, particularly in the first 10 meters around the home," the City of Winnipeg says in a statement.